What are .vce?

This are files created to be used with test engines A+ Player and VCE Player. All our .vce files are not encrypted and work perfectly under both players.

How can I open and use .vce files?

In order to open the .vce files you have 2 options:

Option 1. A+ Player – Android App – Free to use.

You can download it from here and use it under most android OS’s

If you want to use A+ Player on your PC then you need to install an emulator like Andy and run A+ Player under the Android Emulator. There is a guide available here with more details.

Option 2. VCE Player from Avanset – subscription required.

This is a test engine designed by Avanset to open and work with .vce files.

You can download the software from their website here.

Note: Both test engines are external to IT-Libraries and we offer no support for them.